FoxFireX's Random Stuff

So, it seems I'm starting to post more things now. Next time I add to it, I'll probably break this into separate pages. For now, it's all linked from this index, though. Enjoy!

Bemani Controllers

Sometimes, the easy way just isn't good enough. Well, it probably is good enough, but some people always want more. Me, I'm both picky and often bored, so the solution is to build arcade (or arcade-like) style controllers to give the best possible gameplay that I can make with my two hands. So, I'm maybe decent at making controllers, and maybe okay at playing the games. Now I just need to find a competition where you have to be the best person playing a game on a controller you built yourself.

Partially related to the custom controllers is reuse of them on other platforms, which is my newest work.

Real, Proper Woodworking

Having tackled various video game controllers, the next step in the DIY realm is to try building actual, honest-to-gosh furniture. I'm hoping to do more of these as I get better, so as I make things I'll try to add them here.

Score Trackers

So, these rhythm games? Lots of people like to compete in big Internet-wide ranking sites. Guess what? So do I. So here are my scores, where possible. By the way, yeah, I suck.

Beatmania IIDX
Beatmania (5 key)
Pop'n Music
Guitar Hero
You know, there used to be a cool graphic, but you may have to pay for that now. Sorry, guys, but I don't need cool graphics that much.
In the Groove (Home)
Okay, no cool image, but I have an account anyway.
Weight Loss
The Hacker's Diet Online (Okay, not really a rhythm game, but worth putting up a tracker for, just to help keep me honest.)